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Our Story

What is Music to my Nose?

The answer to this question started with another; and the idea was simple:

If music were to have a scent, what would it be?

My journey and quest to answer this question began with my family’s deeply rooted passions; food and music.

The Music

My father, a singer with a vast knowledge of music, has inspired me since my years as a young girl, sitting on his lap, allowing me to become enveloped in the electrifying world of all that is audibly harmonious. He introduced me to Jazz & Blues at an early age; where the smell of Jazz clubs were musky with hints of leather and cologne mixed with the fine wood of instruments, those scent memories will forever stay burned in my mind. Our scent-tribute to Jazz & Blues encapsulates those elements.

The overall experience, the cathartic affinity of hearing instruments and feeling the strong emotion, was and is strikingly intoxicating. Our goal is to share those feelings through our perfume.

The Scents

My mother, a devoted spirit to all that is culinary, captivated my interest through everyone’s soft spot: their stomach.

As I would salivate over her freshly baked desserts, or her fragrant and heavenly dinners, she would stress the importance of using only ingredients of the highest quality. From real Madagascar vanilla, to garden-fresh basil, the difference in excellence is easy to taste… and smell.

Working in Concert

The marriage of these elements derived from the feeling of music and the fragrance of food gave birth to our brainchild, Music to my Nose.

As we learned the intricacies of perfumery note by note, and progressed in the development of our fragrances with the passion of music in our hearts, we quickly learned that creating perfume truly is an art and almost two years later Music to my Nose was born.

Creator of Music to my Nose/Musical Perfumer


When we first began developing the concept of creating music inspired perfume, we knew right away that our business would absolutely be giving back to the community.

At Music to my Nose, we firmly believe being involved and supporting local causes is one of the most important things any establishment can do.

We have collectively decided to give back to the following charities and fully support their efforts with all our hearts.

Rockstar Music Education
Elijah’s Promise